Warehouse Services Provider

Warehouse Services Provider

iHub Solutions started business in 2000 and is a leading customized supply chain solutions provider with warehouses storage in Asia today. iHub Solutions aim to provide their customers with the ultimate logistics solutions designed and operated by them to solve customer’s logistics problems. iHub Solutions achieve this through the application of market leading edge innovative business models, information technology, integrated process management and high service quality levels.

iHub Solutions’ warehouse solutions are customized to suit customers’ changing needs. This leads them to develop their unique IT solutions which include the following integrated systems:

1. Warehouse Management System (WMS) with capabilities like Receiving, Issuing by FIFO or Expiry Date basis, Replenishment, Relocation.
2. Virtual Logistics System (VLS) with internet access for key customers and customers’ customers. This is a secured B2B website which handles Order Processing, Manage Inventory by Category, manage Product Aging.
3. Order Processing System (OPS) to receive data from customers’ accounts systems and print invoices and delivery order remotely at any location
4. Biometric tracking of personal attendance in relation to operational tasks
5. System interface between WMS and customers ERP system (e.g. SAP – WMS)

warehouse management

iHub Solutions specialize in warehouse management, inventory management, logistics management and transportation for companies in the Furniture (Home, Office, Kitchen & Outdoors), Document Storage, Marketing Premiums, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Semi-Conductors, Financial Institutions, Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle industries. iHub Solutions currently operate five facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a dedicated information network linking the sites.

iHub Solutions have in place very comprehensive Process Workflows (reference to ISO 9002 standards) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system to track daily service performance so that high levels of customer services are maintained.

For more information, please visit www.ihubsolutions.com.my

Name Card Supplier in Malaysia

Name Card Supplier in Malaysia

Make yourself and your business remarkable with Unique Business Cards from Cardpenter.com!

Cardpenter.com can ensure you receive a quality product in good time and within your budget together with their highly competitive pricing and commitment to service. Cardpenter.com also well-known as plastic pvc cards supplier and membership card supplier.

Let’s discover what thousands of others have before, and experience your own plastic and metal business cards and the response they bring. You’ll wish you had something special years ago.

The First Impressions of EYE – CATCHING

Handing out a business card is often the first impression people take of your business. Don’t let your cards let you down when it’s so easy to make something great!

Cardpenter.com is your source for unique, custom business cards with a professional blend of creative design at affordable prices. In today’s difficult economic climate it pays to stand out from the crowd. With a special business card, the perceived value makes it much more likely that the recipient will keep hold of it.

For those wanting something really different and contemporary name card Malaysia, Cardpenter.com provided plastic business cards and metal business cards are definitely the cards of choice that won’t break the bank.

name card Malaysia

METAL CARDS (Stainless Steel)

Cardpenter.com metal cards are produced using the highest quality cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel. These cards are extremely durable and every day use won’t result in corroding or tarnishing. You can customize your metal business cards with custom cutting, engraving or scratch resistant printing to make your first unique business card to remember.


Cardpenter.com plastic business cards are manufactured from the highest quality materials and printed using state of the art print production methods. These cards are long-lasting, waterproof and tear proof. It is a great choice for those who want to create a high perceived value to capture and hold your customers attention and create a lasting first impression to stand out from your competitors.

For more information, please visit www.cardpenter.com

Professional Audit and Certification Training Company

Professional Audit and Certification Training Company

GlobalGROUP is a well-known brand and fast growing certification body based in United Kingdom with operational offices in more than 50 countries worldwide to provide professional audit and certification with more than 20 years proven reputation.

GlobalGROUP has trained and competent resources available throughout the world. Personnel are made up from engineers, technicians, inspectors, auditors, trainers and technical experts. Such personnel are utilised as and when needed for specific assignments.

GlobalGROUP is an approved ISO9001 training provider by IRCA. Various registered Lead Auditor courses and public trainings are provided in Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, Food Safety & technical trainings.

ISO9001 Malaysia

GlobalGROUP is accredited by UKAS & ANAB and specialise in Certification of Management Systems such as ISO9001 Malaysia, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, SA 8000, and BSCI. By increase sales with better corporate impression with international recognition; differentiate your company from competitors. Contracts of new customers and exporting into global market may require ISO9001 certification body as a pre-requisite.

GlobalGROUP provides second party audit and inspection all over the world via its wide networking of local offices. The services include factory assessment, monitoring of production & delivery schedule and pre-shipment inspection.

GlobalGROUP also is an accredited notified and inspection body, specialising mainly in lifts and machinery under the Lifts Directive 95/16/EC and Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

For more information, please visit globalgroup.com.my

Pest Control Company

Pest Control Company

ONE STOP PEST CONTROL (OSPC) was incubated in Malaysia Year 2007. OSPC are pest control company that provides services for prevention and control of all types of pest. With more than 5 years of experience in this industry, most of their operators have over 6 years of experience in handling all equipment and chemicals. Therefore, OSPC are able to apply these termiticidal in a careful and safer way during treatment. At ONE STOP PEST CONTROL, they can assure to you their best service at all times and will be able to show you the best effective way to control on most household pests. OSPC practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program for their professional service.

OSPC offer a broad range of pest control such as Subterranean Termites Treatment, Ants, Rats, Mosquitoes, Flies, Cockroaches Control, Mites, Birds, Fleas, Storage pest: weevils, beetles…

termites treatment

OSPC also provide service such as Termite Baiting System, General Pest Control – Residue Spraying, Thermal Fogging, ULV Misting, Gelling, Pre- Construction Soil Treatment, Post Construction Soil, Treatment (Drilling), Systematic Prevention Program and Rat Control Program.

For more information, please visit onestoppestcontrol.com.my

Computer Media Online Store

Computer Media Online Store

As we live in this fast-paced, growing technology country, the nature of the workplace has become very competitive. Atoz Computer Media always challenge themselves to meet the industry demands or try to gain better advantage from the rest. With an experienced team of management who has been in this industry for the last 25 years, Atoz Computer Media Sdn Bhd has been operating and growing as a retailer of Printer and Genuine Consumables.

Atoz Computer Media Sdn Bhd knows your needs and provides you their services with value and satisfaction. Atoz help you to manage your printer consumable needs such as ink and toner with efficient stock system handled by their experienced personnel. Atoz help you to gain increased productivity for your business or household when you achieve optimum space management and guaranteed cost-savings with their stock-control system. Atoz also help you to manage your needs and space, you are able to save time and spend every free minute of it with your loved ones.

HP Laser Printer

Atoz are dedicated to make your life much easier by becoming your one-stop dependable printer consumables partner. You can count on them for delivering your printing consumables such as Xerox toner, Canon ink, HP Laser Printer, and etc right to your doorsteps even if it’s after office hours. Feel free to make the most out of their toll free line and speak to Atoz2u’s friendly technical assistants for orders and enquiries.

For more information, please visit atoz2u.com

Professional Translation Services Malaysia

Professional Translation Services Malaysia

CatEagle provides comprehensive Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation, two ways, bi-directional. All translation done by qualified CatEagle translators @ high quality, on time delivery and with 7 QC steps quality control.

translation services

CatEagle provides comprehensive language translation services:-

* English to Chinese and vice versa
* English to Malay translation and vice versa
* Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) to Chinese & vice versa
* German, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Russian to Chinese and English vice versa
* Spanish(Latin America), Dutch, Farsi(Persian) to Chinese and English vice versa
* English to Vietnamese, Laos, Indonesian, Tagalog & vice versa
* Thais to English & vice versa
* French, Spanish(International), Portuguese, Serbia, Greek, Hebrew to English and vice versa
* Finish, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Czech, Cambodian to English and vice versa
* Tibetan, Croatian, Estonian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Irish to English and vice versa
* Latin, Luxemburgish, Mongolian, Nepali, Turkish, Zulu, Telugu to English and vice versa
* Uyghur, Ukrainian, Tahitian, Tatar, Slovak, Sinhalese, Sanskrit, Punjabi to English and vice versa

CatEagle can do translation for all sorts of documents, technical specifications, speeches, drama scripts, sketches, pure technical items, advertisements, short articles, menus, resumes, medicine, IT, telecommunication, video, audio, web page, instruction manuals, books & etc.

CatEagle also provides comprehensive language interpretation services for Chinese to English (Two ways), English to Chinese (Two ways), Malay to Chinese, Malay to English, English to Vietnamese (Two ways), Vietnamese to English (Two ways),Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian and Nepali

For more information, please visit cateagle.com

Solar Components Provider Malaysia

Solar Components Provider Malaysia

EZ Solar Vina Sdn. Bhd. was established as a solar components provider for both on grid and off grid system under one roof. EZ Solar Vina Sdn. Bhd. was Malaysia’s recognized products and Inverter Malaysia solution provider.

EZ Solar Vina Sdn. Bhd. supply products including tile/tin roof & ground solar mounting system, AMC System (outstanding BIPV solution for residential roof), PRO System (outstanding BIPV solution for large sloped roof), Transformerless String/Three-Phase Inverter, Galvanically Isolated String/Three-Phase Inverters and Central Inverters.

solar mounting system

EZ Solar Vina Sdn. Bhd. with a team is passionate about solar technologies. The company have become known with their technologies, high quality and honesty. The team consist of professional engineers and designers from Malaysia, Switzerland, France and India with a combined experience were ready to work hard to help their client free themselves from expensive and unsustainable energy sources.

For more information, please visit http://www.cellvenergy.com/

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